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Richard Barnett

me in sqa

My favorite thing to do is to help start companies, develop a technical strategy, get to prototypes or initial products and then watch from a distance as they grow (hopefully) and mature.

Bobbie Ryan

I work in the physical realm and enjoy producing products you can touch!

My favorite types of projects are those where I am able to start at the concept stage and bring the product through design, testing, manufacturing and production, but happy to jump in at any stage. I love a puzzle and to me engineering challenges are the best puzzles of all.

I am skilled in all mediums; plastic, sheet metal, 3d printing, etc…and utilizing the best approach for the development of the product.  I have found solutions where there seemed to be none and have successfully managed to incorporate all the features in the allotted space a customer seeks where there did not seem to be any way to make it all fit.

Non-stereotypically, I like working with people!  I pride my self on my interpersonal skills and response time.  It is my intention to make the customer’s experience positive, not just the product result, but the entire process from start to finish.

I work with two CAD packages, CREO and SolidWorks, and I am happy to design your product on the platform of your preference.

Totally unrelated to engineering, I am also the co-host of the podcast All Things College and Career.  This has been a fun and rewarding venture and it feels great to provide a useful service to anyone deciding on a college/career.  Learn all about how we help on our website, atcandc.com.

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